My dear friend barb

I have not been in a creative mood for a while now.

Until I got a cute card from my friend barb yesterday. I wanted to send her a card back but, honestly, did I want to buy one with the gazillions of stamps and supplies that I own??? No.

So I dug through my stash and came across one of the first cards I ever made. Back when I had fun making cards and it wasn’t a “job”.  Back before I didn’t care if it was “perfect” or not. It spoke to me. Maybe because I had to put one of my horses down on Tuesday and I really connected with this image. I suddenly felt the creative urge to “update” this old card into something I could send my dear friend barb.

I met barb when she had first found out she had stage 4 breast cancer. She wanted to know if she could still attend my card classes. Hello?

She became my biggest fan, cheerleader and made me feel as though my classes had saved her life! Me and my “students” got to walk through the horror of this dreaded disease that also took the life of my husband on January 30th of this year. Was God preparing me???

Anyway, barb has been an inspiration to me and I love her dearly. Thank you barb for all you’ve done for me!

By the way, barb does not capitalize her name because her belief is that there is only One who’s name is worthy of capitalization!


About cindi

card maker, scrapbooker, horse lover, Dashshund owner, cat collector, mother of 3 grown sons, grandmother of 6 , fashion lover, chauffer, cook, doctor, nurse, psychiatrist, photographer etc. etc.
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