Tis the Season

As I just wrote about on my other blog, it is time to get the Christmas stamps out and get busy!

I don’t know about you, but I have a lot of them!

I have wood mounter rubber, acrylic, photopolymer, wheels, and foam. I have reindeer, dogs, cats, mice, birds, penguins, tons of snowmen, snowflakes, angels, Nativity scenes, Baby Jesus, trees, holly, bulbs, lights, Santa, mailboxes, villages, bicycles……sound familiar???  I thought so!

In years past, I have mass-produced one or two themes. Other years I have made variations to many themes. Some years I have bought cards. Yes, the Camano Card Maker bought cards! ***blush*** You know how sometimes just one more thing to do will throw you into a tizzy? Well, sometimes it’s the cards! That said, for the last few years I have been challenging myself to make all of my cards, except for the base, with paper scraps. And I have a ton of them. It has actually been really fun even though It hasn’t put much of a dent in my stash. I have come to enjoy making Christmas cards again by trying something new and challenging! I also try to make everything flat so that I don’t have to pay extra postage, although in normal time, it doesn’t bother me. Well, except for the long wait in line at the Post Office 😦

If you promise not to laugh at my photography, I will let you see some of my humble creations. Most of the images are also scraps. Remember, DON’T LAUGH! I took these pictures for future inspiration, not for intended posting! These were made from saved scraps.

You get the idea! Try it and you’ll feel good about  using what you’ve got (so you can get more!!! did I say that?) and being “green”!


About cindi

card maker, scrapbooker, horse lover, Dashshund owner, cat collector, mother of 3 grown sons, grandmother of 6 , fashion lover, chauffer, cook, doctor, nurse, psychiatrist, photographer etc. etc.
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