First Post on WordPress!


My name is Cindi.  (Do I hear a “Hello Cindi?”).

This is my first post on WordPress. I will be working to get it personalized a little at a time!I wanted to start a new blog that would contain mostly paper crafting projects.

Even though paper crafting is what I do the most of, especially card making, I also enjoy scrapbooking, cooking new recipes, flower arranging,  and quilting. Basically, creating things with my hands. especially things that don’t need to be perfect!

I blog and craft for my sanity, however they both drive me insane a lot of the time! Oh yes, and I love exclamation marks!!! Since you can’t hear my voice, it is how I express myself!

Feel free to check out my other blog,

I will use that one to keep up with my “other life”, that includes such things as birthdays, vacations, grandkids, dogs, cats, horses, school, gardening, you know, family stuff.

Hopefully, I will meet some new friends, inspire some creativity, and bring a smile to your face!

 If this didn’t make you smile, I don’t know what will!


About cindi

card maker, scrapbooker, horse lover, Dashshund owner, cat collector, mother of 3 grown sons, grandmother of 6 , fashion lover, chauffer, cook, doctor, nurse, psychiatrist, photographer etc. etc.
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