Building the Waterfall Pond Feature

I have been very busy working on my layouts of the building of our pond back in 1999.

Today is the final layout of the construction part of it. John and Miles worked hard on adding the waterfall feature to the pond that we constructed the summer before. According to the back of the picture, the date stamp for this group of pictures is November 2000, so I’ll go with that! Since I am actually journaling this in 2017, my facts are not crystal clear!  It is fun to see how much the Yucca plant grew in a year and how pretty the potted plants look by the pond, as well as the lily pads that can be seen in the background. I think Whitey had gotten them from a nearby lake. We even had cattails and water lilies at one time. The Koi that we added to the pond ended up getting really big! So much fun to watch them from the deck. I will need to find the Koi pictures…..

As usual, our trusty furry friends looked on while we were hard at work;

Buck, Pumpkin ( aka Mamma Kitty,) and Snoop in the background sunning herself.

Designing this layout has been a lot of fun. I did something different on this page in that I put the focal pictures together for a different look, and I like how it turned out. I still have some finishing touches to add before it is complete.

pond building #6 2017-04-08

***Layout in Progress***

Good night.

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A New Challenge

As I was perusing Instagram several days ago, I ran across #sizzixCM and it immediately caught my eye. Another challenge… Sounded easy enough, but on Day 3, I am still thinking about my Day 2 project. 😦

I always start out with the best of intentions, but dang it, life gets in the way of my need to create 🙂

Anyhow, since the challenge was for a “photo a day” and I already have a ton of photos that need to be scrapped, and/or put into albums and/or Project Life pocket pages, I decided to change my challenge to a card or layout a day that coincides with  the Sizzix challenge. The first day was “my favorite color”. Easy. I also decided to use a new technique that I had seen on Catherine Pooler’s Stamp Nation, plaid background using Copic markers. FUN! I am happy with the way this turned out, clean and simple, and you can never have too many birthday cards~ 😉

Now, onto Day 2 and Day 3!

Happy Birthday card 3.1.16.jpg

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Christmas Card Collection 2014


Well, Christmas Day and New Years Eve are over, but the Christmas Season is still with us. My decorations are still up, my unadorned pre-lit Christmas tree still standing and received Christmas cards are still displayed in my entry. Another whirlwind Christmas behind me and New Year resolution to not wait until the last minute (again!) to prepare for this great and busy holiday.

Not all of my cards were hand made this year as time seems to always get the best of me, so my offerings were a mixture of both hand made and store bought cards. My challenge for the last few years has been to make cards using mostly “scraps”. After teaching classes for years, I tend to have a lot of leftovers needing to be used.
Here are some of my Christmas Card Creations using scraps for 2014~





Here is to keeping my resolution this year! 🙂

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A few changes and a new page~

Last week, I posted a layout that I had started of my trip to Colorado 21 (yikes!) years ago.

After playing with it and not being happy with the lettering, I decided it needed a few minor face lifts.The gray lettering did not show up as well in real life as it did in my pictures, so I put some black letters over the gray, leaving a bit of a gray “shadow”. I also added a thin, black rectangular line around the word box in the bottom left.

In the original layout, I had tried to use white rub-ons for the date (after the picture was taken) on the circle to the right of my photo. They ended up cracking and I didn’t like that look for this LO, so I had to change out that circle with a different one and it worked out really well with the black lettering. I looks a little more balanced and I think I will leave it alone for now!

Manitou Springs 2      WP_20141028_001



My next page was a challenge at first, because of the faded Polaroid pictures.

After sweating and swearing  playing with it for an entire day and having to step away for a few hours, it came together very nicely, and I am very happy with the way it turned out. (These snaps were taken by my late husband at the Park and Ride on our way to SEA-TAC Airport, so they are very special to me.)


On to the next page in my adventure!

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At work again! (In my studio, that is!~)

Manitou Springs 2

I have been in a scrapbooking mood again, thank goodness, after a long hiatus.

I don’t scrap in order, I usually just do what I feel inspired to do at the moment. This has its pros and cons in that I forget a lot of detail if I wait too long, but with constraints on my creative time, I have learned to accept it and be happy to at least have the pictures!

Right now, I am working on a trip that I took to Colorado with 4 other gals in 1993. I am so glad that I wrote dates on the back of the photos! Scrapping this event and reminiscing about the beauty that is Colorado has been very enjoyable and makes me want to return…like, NOW!

Our first night in Colorado was spent in Denver, where we were all welcomed at my friend Kathy’s sister-in-laws house. The next day was spent visiting some very fun places, including Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs. After a very nice stay in Denver, we went on to Breckenridge, where we stayed the remainder of our time in a nice condo that we rented.

I got to visit beautiful and interesting places, many of which I will be scrapbooking.

I have started started several 8×8 pages of my trip, which is not my usual 12×12 style, but while working at re-vamping my studio, I came across an empty 8×8 album and thought that the paper contained inside would work well with the theme I had in my head. The pages I have started working on still need some detail filled in as I remember them, so definitively a work in process as most (if not all!) of my scrapbooks are.

Below is an example. I designed this page of the trip about 10 years or so ago. Definitively a process! In a way, it’s fun to see how my style has evolved~ this page would probably look a lot different if I were to re-design it today.

And I just may do that!!!

Rocky Mt. high

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I decided to update my blog today. It has been a while, and the weather is rainy and gray out, so this is a good excuse opportunity to work in my studio!

I was surprised to find that it had been almost a year since I actually posted an update. Then I realized that I had posted another in December but had never published it! So….I published it today, almost a year later 🙂

I don’t think I have talked about it on this blog, since I keep Camano Card Maker a paper crafting related blog, but I will say that I lost my husband almost 3 years ago this January (he was only 56). This has changed my entire life, including the amount of free time and energy I can devote to paper crafting. I won’t go into too much detail because I have another blog, Flourishes and Bling, where I discuss personal and everyday related topics. So, over the last few years, I have been trying to find my way in my new life by trial and error. It is most often challenging, sometimes empowering, always scary and never boring! The trauma of losing my husband so unexpectedly pretty much squelched much of my creative juices and put more time demands on me since I am doing the work of two people alone now.

I hope that I am getting to a place where I can find the creative energy to start playing with paper and fabric again. Having said that, I have been trying to do a little scrapbooking, which was very painful and still is. I completed a page a few days ago, the first one in a long time, with him in it. Old pictures are easier, so that is what I am starting with.

Lincoln City, Oregon

Trip to Linclon City with Whitey’s family 1992

Baby steps, Cindi, baby steps……

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Christmas Card Collection 2013

Another Christmas has come and gone.

I got most of my cards done (in a last minute frantic rush of forced creativity! ) and have once again resolved to start cards in January.  This busy season catches me off guard every year and  I vow, “never again” and every year it catches me off guard…again.

Here are some of my last minute

The pictures aren’t the best, but they turned out really cute, I promise! 🙂

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